Monday, February 23, 2009

In Reflection

A lot of what I have penned has been due to the sheer outrage I harbor for so many of the ignorant things going on in the USA and, for that matter, on the rest of the globe. In reading some of my past ramblings, I conclude that I must also affirm the following...

I am SO happy that I live here, not just the smile that I wear from being a resident of the great state of Alabama, but the simple fact that I was born a resident of the United States of America. Having been a member of our dear Uncle's Armed Forces, I have hung my hat in any number of not very pleasant places. And, by the grace of God, a green military ID card and the simple fact that no matter how much the world hates us, they still envy us, I arrived back home safely. I believe more the former than the mid or latter.

Very few other places on this Earth will allow you to be as blatantly pissy as I have been and not have your name on the short list of who is getting questioned tomorrow or soon. It is no secret that I abhor the liberal (and by liberal, I mean this new batch of collectivist twits who think that earning a substantial salary is a bad thing) cast of miscreants and nimwits who have the majority in all three branches of government and harbor substantial fear over where they will take us. But, for now, I still have the freedom to say what I darn well please. And, in this case, will not be pissy but will offer the following...

As much as I distrust you bunch of misguided dimwits whose only claim to fame and only ability to feel good about yourselves is in telling others how much you care for the unwashed masses and how much you are doing to help them, I will offer my simple prayer that God guide you (and me) to the true path of righteousness. And, my prayer that we all can see evil for evil and do our best to not be on the side of evil. Lastly, thank you God for having me be born an American.

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