Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My State Representatives & How to Find Your Alabama Legislators

From the Alabama Legislature website, look on the left hand side and you will see Find Your Legislator with two blank fields below it. Put your five digit zip code in the first and your +4 in the second and press Find My Legislator. Right below this you can also find Current Instruments if you know the House it is in and its number (e.g. SB310). 

My legislators are State House - Mr. Gerald Allen (R) - East Cottondale and State Senate -  Mr. Phil Poole (D) - Moundville. I will be engaging them directly regarding HB362, HB225, HB432 & SB310. I am certain there are others that I should review and form an opinion on...

I do hope you take the time to interact with your legislators. Follows is the e-mail just penned to Senator Poole. Representative Allen does not have an e-mail address listed, so I shall have to pick up the telephone tomorrow.

Good Evening Mr. Poole,

Senate Bill 310, introduced by Mr. Erwin, certainly appears to be an equitable compromise on the topic of concealed carry on campus. Personally, I believe that a person who is legal to carry (meaning permitted and not incapacitated or under the influence) should be allowed to carry most anywhere. Obvious exceptions should be places that serve alcohol, court houses, jails, airports and the like. On campus –except for maybe around finals, to me, really isn’t much different than other innocuous public areas where concealed carry is permitted. Perhaps it is wiser to have the presumably older and more stable individuals be allowed to concealed carry rather than the general population. But, if it does not apply at large, how can it apply strictly on (realizing the private and public institutions are two different things) campus?

 Having expressed this view point, I would urge you to view this bill favorably as it appears to be, as mentioned earlier, a decent compromise. Should you like to contact me regarding this, please feel free to get in touch at your convenience.

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