Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I have been actively AND purposefully forgetting

about our duly elected President bowing so low to the Saudi royalty that he damn near fell down and got new rug burns on his... oh you get the point. Don't suppose that is an involuntary muscle movement in light of the Muslim influence during the younger years do you? The video plays a bit loud on mine, so you might want to turn it down before hitting play.

Firehand reminded me again today with this post, of that which I have been mercilessly purging from my active cranial files. I find that I must concur with a comment under the YouTube video that I just read, what a complete tool. My only point of contention is that there has not been a real choice to make (unless you count the lesser of two evils) in decades.

Just in case there is a problem with the video, here is a little pictorial reinforcement.

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