Friday, April 17, 2009

Yup, been doing the least that I could do...

I am going a fair bit back in time with this but I am tired of the distractions. If they want a Socialist utopia... lets get on with it.

Big Daddy "fires" the CEO of GM. Assures the American sheeple that their GM warranties are back by the US .gov and tells Dodge to be absorbed by Fiat or else. Oh yeah, and tells members of the banking community that his administration is the only thing standing between them and the pitch forks. At the end of all of this, Big Daddy proclaims that he sees "light". I say only from the blistering pit which issued him forth.

Banks that didn't want TARP funds to start with are not being allowed to pay it back.

Christian, conservative, caucasian, veteran who is over Big Brother = I am a terrorist, er... extremist. Isn't that special... meanwhile Ayers, et al, who have actually perpetrated crimes against this nation, are still moaning that they did not do enough.

Pirates of the Somali coast diversion. As I recall, our Secretary of State wanted desperately to send troops to Africa (Darfur) during her candidacy... seems like an easy in to me. This has intelligent friends proclaiming ground war (although they call it raids on pirate property) in Africa is a good idea. Trust me, we do not want Africa to unite against us --think children with machetes (and REAL AK-47s, as in automatic fire) that don't know anything else. That is scarier than the UN, Chinese and Russians put together. Another inane idea around candidacy time was Big Daddy wanting to go to ground war in Pakistan. I trust that his handlers have told him to back off as the Pakis are nuclear armed. I still maintain that forceful response to aggression (force on force) at the point of aggression is the only way to get these toads to quit it.

Speaking of the UN, secretary general needs to hush about our rights as American citizens, he has no clue.

Repeating the lie enough times to cause intelligent people who I know to ask me why we can't ban some guns to help the .mx with their problem... I refuse to even get started on this... again. No, the number is 17 (or less) not 90.

Warming up to the Cubans. great we are going to overlook all of that atrocious past behavior... Plus, we are going to push the CIFTA treaty as another back door effort to curtail second amendment rights. And today, I read about how the .dems were holding talks with the FARC and now they (FARC) are fixin' to make some demands of their own.

The Iranians are now making demands because they see us as the weak (insert derogatory term here) that we are. Oh yeah, the North Koreans are also. And, I read that we are possibly planning retaliatory efforts against Israel should they plan to preempt Iran. Who, along with the North Kos, are spinning the centrifuges a little bit faster today. Oh yeah, and Big Daddy bowing so low to the Saudi royalty I thought he was going to blow an MCL.

And, there are things I am leaving out... mostly because this list is already long enough. So, let me ask a question... With all of this weakness being shown to the world and all of the discussion around firearms restrictions and all of the devaluation of the US currency and ALL of the distractions being presented to us, what is the end game? Yes, dear... the question is rhetorical in nature.

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