Friday, April 15, 2011


What was manufactured by Colt from roughly 1989 to 1997 (depending on whose internet blather you believe) in single stack .45 ACP (also in .40 S&W, .38 Super and 9mm X 19) that looks a bit Sigish?

My Buy A Gun Day purchase, a Colt Lightweight Officer's Model Double Eagle in .45 ACP. Which I will bring back here once the 4473 gets proceeded. As a side note, the FBI NICS check delays me every so often. It is a royal pain in the tuckus, even though I am, almost always, proceeded by the end of the next day.

I found a representative picture of it on the internet at Gander Mountain. Picture will have to wait until it comes home.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

So, I just have to ask...

Read a bit on the ol' MSNBC this evening (just the cover link actually) that 50% of Americans believe they are fairly taxed. My question, mostly rhetorical in nature, is that the same 50% that mostly don't pay any taxes?

Thursday, April 7, 2011


can be rough on the finances. And, the ability to do all of this while riding down I-10 is, in a word, amazing... we really take too much stuff for granted. ;)

While riding to Florida last Friday, I was perusing the blogs on my sidebar and found this. The article is part of the series but mentions an interesting little plug that fits in the bottom of the grip on your Glock helping to act as a magwell and thus speeding reloads... I know butt plugs for Glocks... ha ha ha.

Anyway, I ordered a couple on Friday, shipped on Friday and they were here on Monday. I have plugged one of my 3rd generation 22's and it damn sure helps the magazine find its way into the hole. When I find the other or the next time I have the 27 out, I will plug another.

Having never even heard of Glockmeister, I am happy to say that the order was filled correctly and shipped expeditiously. The caveat being that the shipping was also a bit spendy, namely more than the two items that were shipped. Also, I paid for all of this with my own earnings, nothing supplied but my sweat in exchange for their gear. So, the FTC, et al, can kiss my fuzzy white butt.

More pictures later (probably tomorrow), I am about to head back to work for the first time in almost two weeks... sure is hard to come off vacation.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Tampa has them. ;) This photo taken of the clock tower outside of Tampa Union Station (TUS).

Friday, April 1, 2011

Having thus arrived...

none the worse for the travel, I am greeted with gifts. Happy Birthday to me again, and allow me to introduce the race pig.

The Central Florida Blogmeet...

halfway there we are.