Tuesday, January 25, 2011

7 + 1 Rounds of ...

.25 ACP Goodness?!? That's right, 35 grains of centerfire blam... meh and, not really 7 + 1, the manual talks, at fair length, about not carrying it around with a round chambered... as the firing pin protrudes from the bolt face when at rest.

Meet the Junior Colt in .25 ACP, this one manufactured in 1971

Went to the dentist today for a cleaning and left with clean teeth and no cavities. ;) That, of course, means a trip to the Fun Cellar (as it is just down the street from my dentist)... low and behold, a Happy Clean Teeth Day gift for yours truly.

What a nifty little bit of pocket half-full of blam. Anemic (per Hornady... 900 fps / 63 ft-lbs at muzzle, 813/51 at 50 yds and 742/43 at 100 yds... 100 yds... WTF?) that it may be, would probably still suck to get shot with it; and, it won't be replacing the G22 / G27 duo any time soon.

Apparently, these were originally manufactured for Colt by Astra (in Spain) and then, after the GCA of 1968, they were assembled in the US from parts and ultimately, they were manufactured by a, now defunct, Firearms International of Washington, DC or someplace in MD... pending whose Internet blather you believe. Not to be confused with the current Firearms International currently of Houston, Texas or with the, now also defunct, Firearms International Export of Florida.

Now for the Department of I Didn't Know That... disassembly requires locking the slide back, twisting the barrel a quarter turn right, pulling, twisting the barrel a quarter turn left and pulling it the rest of the way out. Then, capture the slide in one hand, release the slide catch and ease the slide off of the pistol. Not sure how long (if ever) it would have taken me to figure that out without the Internet.

Of course, being the obsessive compulsive cleaner of guns that I am, once disassembled it took a good cleaning. Probably not a bad thing in this case... dislodged some pocket lint and removed a fair bit of surface rust that was hiding under the grip panels. From the wear patterns on the gun and the location of the hidden rust, this was likely somebody's pretty constant companion... pimp gun that it may be... :p

Now, for a pocket holster... probably won't ever carry it, but a gun without a holster is like a day without sunshine.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I, too, am TJIC

As words are words and deed are deeds, I am indifferent to what was said. One's ability to speak their mind must be inviolable.

Saturday, January 1, 2011