Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Complement of "If it saves just one life."

If it costs just one life.

Why is it that those who would use a simple two-sided statement don't see that is what they are proposing...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

SG Ammo

The folks at SG Ammo are fantastic. Ordered a case of in-stock blammo on Monday and it arrived at my house early on Wednesday.

Big fan here.

I might add that I am awful happy that they had it as it is a brand new caliber here at the South Range.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Firearm Homocides Down

This bit from Pew adds to the body of data that indicates that "gun crime" has been on the decline for years. Wonder why nobody wants to talk about that?

Worthy of note is the blurb within the link that talks about suicides by firearm now account for 60% of firearm-induced deaths. Folks, mental health issues are serious business. Anyone who is serious about hitting the off switch, will do so with the most effective tool at hand. If a firearm isn't available, another path to the end will be chosen. Also note that the statistic is 60% of firearm-induced deaths are suicides... not that 60% of suicides are performed with firearms.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Irons in the Fire: Every miserable bastard involved in this

The link at the following story angers me at such level as to be almost unspeakable. If the story is true as reported at the link... every last one of those self-important government minions should be facing lengthy jail terms for kidnapping... if nothing else.

Irons in the Fire: Every miserable bastard involved in this

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Standing Ovation

To the folks who captured the remaining bombing suspect. Handled much better than the executioners in California.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


There is inside the tent and outside the tent. Inside and I will battle hell for you. Outside and I won't piss on you to put out a fire. Thought the definition might come in handy for some.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The previous post...

That is the letter that I finally composed and sent to my representative and senators. I received a canned response from my representative in less than an hour. Had they taken the time to read it and had they options in the canned letter department, I doubt they would have sent the we support restrictions letter that I received.

Sensible limits on gun ownership

Good Day,

Recent events have transpired which have been tragic, some say atrocious... myself included. These atrocities have been committed by a limited number of individuals who appear, in hindsight, to not have the same moral compass as the larger population. In other words, life is precious to most of us. Life is not to be taken or abused lightly.

While the more notorious crimes being covered in the mainstream involve firearms, there remain occurrences that do not. The folks pushed off the subway platform leap readily to mind. So, in this rush to do something, please remember that it is the person who is responsible for the act, not the implement the person used.

Further restrictions on citizen firearms ownership does not address any of the root cause(s) of the atrocities that we have, as a nation, faced in recent months. Removing or restricting private ownership of arms does not necessarily prevent much of anything except disarming those who would follow our laws anyway.

Mental health screening addresses one aspect, but is problematic in its implementation. Add that to the simple fact that admitting mental health issues is one of the fastest ways to be ostracized by the community and your peers and you have a solution that isn’t an effective solution.

Raging against modern entertainment is even less useful. If a person is unable to disconnect entertainment (video games, television, movies, music, etc.) from everyday life, making those things more taboo will only increase their mystique. The same can be said for firearms… the more we hide and demonize them, the more the mystique will grow. But, it will grow in the absence of knowledge and create its own dangers.

I have yet to read or hear any constructive method for preventing these atrocities. There is no way for us to know what is in the mind of man. There is no way to prevent bad things from happening. There is no effective solution to that which haunts our society. We cannot legislate evil out of the world.

The only thing we can do is to console our neighbors in their time of pain, offer our assistance to our neighbors when they are in need and prepare ourselves to respond when the mind of man reveals that it is intent on evil.

When new restrictions are brought before you or if you believe you have a solution that will remove evil from the world, please think about what has been said here before you act and see if there is any truth that will help you act appropriately.

And, if I may ask the kindness of a response, please share with me your thoughts on this topic.

With Warm Regards,