Thursday, July 2, 2009

Data Collection

Set up my data collection forms today and they look like this.

If anyone sees something that I have forgotten / overlooked, please let me know. Also, this is a multi-use form that I will use when I get my "Box O' Truth"-esque shooting station set up.

You might note that I have chosen two different loads to perform the testing with. The first is 180 grain Remington JSP and the last is 300 grain Hornady JHP XTP. These were chosen because they cover the range of .44 Remington Magnum ammunition that I own. Well, I have some 305 grain Corbon, but at $2.50 per round, I chose to not use it here. Yeah, I know, cheap *&!!**~!%.

Notes about the calculations: the average is the Microsoft Excel 2007 =average() formula and the standard deviation is the Microsoft Excel 2007 =stdev() formula.


  1. Note from a statitician: the average is very sensitive to one bad data point. You might do well to also look at the median.

  2. True, particularly in such a small data set. Thanks for the reminder.