Sunday, August 16, 2009

There is a new Four-Legged Critter...

roaming about the Rewst these days. :)

Everyone, say hello to Molle. Molle say hello to everyone. And yes, it was Molly... but with my background and inclinations... MOLLE just seemed mo' right. ;)

I could not be happier with her. I could not be much less happy with whom I got her from. All I will say is... God bless him for getting her off of the street(s) and I am very happy to have her home with me. She will be fine in a few months and is, so far, the sweetest and smartest of them all... of course. ;)

She looks to be a Shepherd mix, maybe mixed with chow chow and maybe shar pei and maybe who knows. The pictures that I have seen tend to make me think shar pei, but the black underside of her tongue makes me wonder. Oh well, long nose, floppy but perky ears... already monikered with the Bat Dog... actually... Stinky Ol' Bat Dog for now. She was just spayed last Monday and smellz like DOGZ. And, the poor girl has a serious case of the sarcoptic mange and the ears show it... actually even worse than the tail. So, there she is. Molle the stinky ol' bat dog. I do love her so.

More to come.