Sunday, September 6, 2009

Interesting Commentary on the History Channel the Other Night...

"My Father & Mother were deeply impressed by the successes at home & abroad. Of course, they were fake. Hitler just printed money & pretended to be a miracle worker. But, at the time, the people didn't see through it. Also, Hitler gave the impression of being on the side of the military; and, they liked that too. So, I can't say that in the years 1933, 34 & 35 my Father understood Hitler's true nature; not at all. If that had been the case, then his behavior would not have been at all explicable."

Manfred Rommel answering the question: "What did Rommel think of Hitler?".

Excerpted from The Warrior Series / Special: Erwin Rommel joins a Conspiracy to Kill Hitler, Episode 1: Original Air Date 24 November 2003 - The History Channel.

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