Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So, the 1911 has a Birthday...

(of sorts), and some folks want to trot out their examples and well wishings. Never one to miss a gathering, I humbly submit my small family of 1911s...

Clockwise from top left is a Smith & Wesson PD, a Sig Sauer Blackwater, a Colt Defender and finally, a Kimber Pro Raptor II. All in .45 ACP and all similar in their 1911ishness.

Notably missing is an early 1940 era Colt that I am still searching for. That, is my project for this year... find a WW II Colt 45... lots a luck cowboy. ;)

I do note that my birthday is in a couple of days, perhaps the planets will align causing it to rain vintage 1911 pistols in Alabama. ;)

Happy 100th birthday 1911...


  1. If you'd let me know I'd have shown up with a cake.

  2. And, had I known treats were available... I would have alerted the world.

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