Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well now, I don't know about...

the Global Warming, but the Alabama Warming certainly has gotten with it. I heard heat index of 105 today. It is the kind of hot that makes a gradually colder shower move from seems like a good idea to mandatory else you will start sweating straight out of the shower.

Got to love that the remaining yard work is on the West side of the house, away from the tree line... very poor planning on my part.

Gratefully, the Spring yard work is almost done. There is a little blueberry picking, a little blackberry picking, a few peaches and some garden veg -tomatoes, chilies and bush beans are on and the bells, pumpkin, cucumber and squash are in flower. Add this on to the weekly mowing regimen and that will be about all I have left from July to near the end of September. :)

Unless of course we count about a half mile of new 4 strand barbed wire fence, a few gates, a half acre of trees to clear (with stumps and roots to pull), prep for the faux-orchard and a bunch of edging, stairs and water diversion. Heck, might as well toss in the deck addition, the fire pit modification and the trailer(s) parking pad out back. I believe that the sweat started just typing all that work. ;)

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