Friday, June 5, 2009

Well, Springtime Mashed the Pause Button...

To Y'all who keep posting no matter what time of year it is... H/T to ya... as for my aging, under-exercised, perpetually wore out engineer @ss, I hope to get back to it in July... when it is too hot outside to sensibly plant anything. Out of curiosity, those of you Jay G, Brigid, Handbasket, Tam, ET, Xavier, etc. who post in spite of tremendously full "Other Lives"... how?

And, because I have to. To all my current and prior military brethren... I am sooooo sorry that you are stuck with your current C-in-C, just (IMHO) be more wary of who stands behind him (don't mean the handlers, I mean Biden, Pelosi, et al). And to my patriot (and occasional Threeper) brethren, patience is a virtue, don't allow patience to override good sense... and never, NEVER provocate until it is really ON. Last, there is no real hope in negotiation (especially from a position of weakness)... peace through superior firepower is the human way (yes, we, as humans, suck and we are the TOP of the current evolutionary ladder)... Just sayin'.

I truly hope to have some meaningful and useful stuff for posting by July. Maybe pictures of the landscaping and an itemized review of the 'Bama legistlative process will suffice... doubt it, but hope springs eternal without the stinking change. And, by the way, tonight's short backyard session with some .44 Mag and the Desert Eagle Mk VII was tremendously therapeutic.



  1. I create big articles over a couple of days (or weeks and sometimes months) and post them once finished. As for daily or hot topic type posts they are usually only a couple of paragraphs and are done over lunch at work.

  2. Appreciate the input, all useful for the noob that I am.

    I have been struggling with getting everything done every day and this was one thing that just simply fell off the plate.