Friday, January 27, 2012

5 guns -

I'll play...

So, Robb and McThag have shared their respective lists of what firearms they would buy ... pretty much because they could, if they could. A little fanciful, but certainly worthy choices made.

My attempt at list making will be five that, should they present themselves as available, I will purchase... pretty much just to have them in the collection... Except the last one... a bit pricier than I am willing to step up for.

1. Desert Eagle Mk VII in .357 magnum... because I already have one in .44 magnum and it is a blast... Although, a Coonan is much more likely to end up here in its stead. If I ever get off my butt and order one.

2. Winchester Pre-64 model 70 in either .375 H&H magnum or .458 Winchester magnum... just because, I might make it to Africa one day.

3. Armalite AR-50 in .50 BMG... I own an Armalite AR-10 (.308 Winchester) and an AR-30 (.338 Lapua magnum) and really like them. Now, I want one in .50 :)

4. Beretta A-400 Explor Unico... I have a 391 Urika, that I am planning on trading on an A-400 so that my most used shotgun will digest 2 3/4, 3 and 3 1/2 inch 12 gauge.

5. A classic Purdey or Holland & Holland double rifle in some God-awful caliber such as the .600 Nitro Express mentioned by McThag.

These are by no means presented in order of preference or any other such thing.

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