Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Honest Gun Owner Tag

Edit... I meant to put this in the post to start with... The idea came from Zach

Well, as always, I am slow and behind and late... anyway, here goes...
1. If you can go on about the esoterics of innumerous models of AR- / M- / XM- / C### numbered rifles and how your various builds are going. You, sir, are an honest gun owner. McThag

2. If you refuse to wear cloth that covers your legs, tote a pistol with you while you are fishing and have the resolve to not go purchase every neat little whiz bang that comes along, you... yes you, are an honest gun owner. Robb

3. If your wife rearranges your gun gear and you are too many thousands of miles away to prevent it, you... and your wife... are honest gun owners. Greg & Beth

4. If you host a series that works to shine the light of truth on "Gun Death" prejudices, and you put up with my tired, non-talkative @ss that couldn't remember your damn name at the Central Florida Blogmeet last year... You, sir, are an honest gun owner. Weer'd

That covers people that I have met that still run a blog, that I am aware of. All decent folks, who by chance I was privileged to meet. All seem to be good folks, and more than a few of who I look forward to seeing again when next my wife and I travel to Tampa to visit her folks. This, of course, presumes that they wouldn't mind hoisting a beverage with yours truly. ;)

5. If you don't even know what the hell a blog is and you mentored me in my youngest years... then you, yes, you, my step-father Charlie and my momma Linda... you two are likely the most honest gun owners I have ever known.


  1. Likewise! Sooner or later I am going to get off my butt and cruise up to see Deadwood from an adult rather than child's perspective (also while not on a bike heading to Sturgis which is also a perspective shifter).

    I'd like to hoist a brew with you while I'm up there.

    Distance from Deadwood doesn't matter much since I was planning on hitting the Cody Museum and Custer Battlefield on the same trip.

  2. Have to plan that trip a bit in advance as we are usually only up there to visit my folks about once a year. But, the countryside is great and the two-wheeling is excellent.

    The Firearms Museum in Cody is great and there are four other museums attached with artwork and a bunch of Buffalo Bill's effects. And, the Holiday Inn that Cody sports has Gentleman Jack and the best bacon that me, my wife or my momma has ever tasted... it was fantastic.

    Hope to be back down Tampa way pretty soon... it is only about ten hours from here in Birmingham. Will certainly shout before hand.