Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And now...

My television and reading habits are slightly altered. I will ensure that I eschew any activity possible that would lend a single cent to either Mr. Costas or Mr. Whitlock. A shame really... I enjoyed some Sunday night football and I used to think the gentleman from Kansas City was a fairly interesting read... from time to time.

But, those who wish to paint me with a broad stroke of a pen and steadily ignore the root of the problem do not need me in their audience.

Incidentally, the problem is not "Gun Culture". The problem, among many things, is broken families, the value placed on illicit mind and mood-altering substances and, to some extent, modern culture as it is. Bah... you kids... off my lawn.

The root of so many problems though is the illicit drug trade. Until our elected betters understand that its the money that can be made from this illegal trade is vastly more than just about anything else you can do to earn a living, we will continue to fail to have any meaningful impact on this "problem". By declaring war on drugs, all we have done is prop up the price structure... essentially we are subsidizing the drug trade.

Good jobs don't fix this mindset. Gun control doesn't fix this problem. Government subsidies don't fix this problem.

Common sense drug laws fix this problem. Legalize them, regulate them and tax them lightly so that we don't perpetuate the black market...

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