Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The problem isn't...

that firearms exist. The problem is that godless people have no reason to behave. The problem is that too many people feel that violence is an acceptable answer to any and every issue that displeases them. The problem is that our politicians won't let a tragedy, or more appropriately an atrocity, go to waste. The problem... is that we will have a knee jerk reaction and it will again be the incorrect one.

The lazy and opportunistic will do all they can to further their agendas while the raw emotion still simmers. Lazy because they will blame a tool for the psychotic's misuse and opportunistic because their agenda cannot progress in the absence of an atrocity.

The firearm is no more to blame for these deeds than the lack of proper mental care, vio lent video games, the rock and roll or the devil made me do it...

What is to blame is a lackadaisical attitude toward firearms, toward life itself in fact, and the simple lack of morals. Firearms are not toys. Life is not yours for the whimsical taking. And morals need be no more complicated than do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It is training and education. It is holding people accountable. It is having constructive punishment for willful acts contrary to being a decent human being.

It is not further restrictions on the citizenry.

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