Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fermentation 1.2

Think my yeasty friends are about done. Down to one weak bubble in about one minute.

Guess I will come home after class tomorrow evening and check its gravity. If we are good, I will transfer it to the carboy awaiting bottling either Friday night or Saturday. If we are not good, I will trek to the store and procure another inoculation.

On an unrelated note, I am a bit sad to see that a Street Pharmacist has given up the blog. Haven't been reading all that long but was generally interesting. Hate that the crazy has been overwhelming.


  1. Wow, he nuked it.

    I'd stopped reading a while back because of an exchange he was having in comments with someone else and I didn't care for his replies. I wish I could remember exactly what the topic was now.

    1. Tend to stay out of the comments for much the same reason. There always seems to be some half-wit spouting trash and the best way to make sure that isn't me is to just hush.