Saturday, February 15, 2014

Process Control

I say any of the following; because my window on the Internet seems to be fixated on these topics lately.

A process (any process) is in control only when it generates repeatable outputs. One only controls a process if proactive steps are taken before and/or during the process' attempt at an output. Reactive steps during this same time, do not lead to a well-controlled process. This is one hundred percent "No Shit Sherlock" to anyone that knows anything about process engineering. And, is probably "Gee Whiz, REALLY?" to just about any sentient being with enough brain matter to rub together and create a heat island betwixt their ears.

 Should we take a sticky topic, like abortion, and take a process control viewpoint, we find the following. Abortion is a reactive attempt at process (copulating) control. Whether or not it be illegal, immoral or otherwise just icky, abortion is a sloppy attempt at process control. I have an opinion (doesn't everyone) about this topic and many others. I shall keep that opinion to myself.

I will say that law makers have no business legislating marriage, baby-making, legalization of various manufactured highs, generally human morality, etc. Leave that out of your daily law making please. Focus your efforts on a limited scope... roads, mail, national sovereignty... you know, the things reserved to you by the Constitution.

Now, I will go back to my corner and sit a spell.

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