Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stupid organics...

says the metallurgist brewing his second batch of beer. Well, second batch of beer since the last time I brewed which was many, many, many calendar flips ago.

This morning I look to the primary fermenter and see that the temp has risen to 72 F. I then stand there puzzled in the predawn moments trying to sort out why the temperature would have risen two degrees Fahrenheit over night.

I wander back to the other bathroom to begin daily preparations and mention to my (cell biologist) wife that yeast converting sugars to alcohol appears to be ... wait for it... exothermic.

DUH... DuH... dUH. Dammit it hurts when the stupid smacks you that hard practically first thing in the morning. Funniest was her answer of ... uhhh, yeah? Oh well, stupid organics.

Set the household thermostat to 65 F before leaving for work / school and upon arriving home this evening discovered the primary fermenter to be sitting there at about 69 F and the airlock still moving but much slower than when we started this on Sunday.

Bodies are in the house, so temp is set back to 70 F. We will see what is going on in the morning. Tomorrow night may be when it transfers (I know... racks) to the secondary fermenter. Then again, maybe not, class doesn't let out until about 7 pm on a Thursday.

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