Sunday, February 2, 2014

Since this is turning into a beer blog

This is what is riding in my pocket these days in a Nemesis. 638-3 loaded with Gold Dots (in whatever configuration of +p I can find) with a speed strip in the other pocket.

Amazing that when I first began this adventure (a little over 20 years ago and roaming around South Dakota) it was a Blackhawk on the belt or a P-94 in a shoulder holster.

I then worked through (among a ton of others, these are the ones I spent any real amount of time with) a P228 IWB, a pair of Glocks (22/27) IWB/Ankle and a Defender (Colt) OWB before trying pocket carry first with a Colt Pocketlite, then a PM 45, then an XDs, then a 938 and have landed on a tiny wheel gun. I still tote the 938 from time to time simply because I like a little variety.

Blackhawk stopped being carried due to not wanting to open carry it any longer except when walking the fence lines.

P-94 stopped being carried when I turned too fat to wear a should rig and it was too heavy to stuff in my pants at that point.

P228 ... no good reason other than started to get too fat to stuff a gun in my pants comfortably.

Glocks... lost enough weight to try stuffing a gun in my pants again. This actually worked pretty well until a change in footwear eliminated the usefulness of the ankle holster and the fat coming back began making the gun in the pants routine a bit cumbersome.

Defender... worked out great in a Yaqui Slide until another work-induced clothing change began to make concealment a bit difficult.

Pocketlite... had this one laying around and a Galco pocket holster for it already here when the Defender moved out of the rotation. The more I thought about .380 ACP, the less I wanted to think about it.

PM45... this one was relatively short-lived, I could never warm up to that little brick. Shot fine, wasn't really any heavier than other options... just never warmed to it.

XDs... this one could still hop in a pocket every once in a while. It is just enough bigger than the last two where the 938 and the 638-3 fit better.

 938... I like this little gun, it shoots well (sub-minute of tea plate at around 10 yards), weighs about a pound and a quarter loaded and looks a lot like a cell phone in the pocket.

638-3... I like this little gun a little more. I shoot it pretty well (minute of tea plate at 10 yards or so) and it looks like a blob of something not gun in the pocket. Also, it weighs about a pound and a tenth loaded. It trades out with the 938 pretty well.


  1. Beer blogging is better than NO blogging which is what your ice-cream dispenser has been giving for too long!

    1. Yeah, I ran out of stuff to say (and time to say it)... not that I ever had much to say in the first place. I still don't have anything to say but don't mind sharing my lack of anything to say with anyone who wants to listen.