Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clinton: U.S. drug habits fuel border violence

Secretary of state in Mexico to bolster anti-narcotics cooperation - AP Story posted on

Yes dear, the Mexicans are having drug lord issues because semi-automatic (1 trigger squeeze = 1 shot ... every time) civilian firearms from the US (which the .mx .gov will not release any identifying information about) are being used in Mexico by gangs.

Right... these are the same gangs who have fully automatic (1 trigger squeeze = every bullet in the magazine ... if held long enough) military firearms, grenades and rockets --> these folks would rather use civilian armaments rather than military armaments. Again... Right.

Oh wait a minute, she is also blaming our drug use. So, now it is time to beef up border security and actually have LE move against the distribution network and users... No silly, that is mine... what they will likely try is a variety of gun bans and rehab programs instead.

They (.gov) are laying the groundwork for the abrogation of our right to self defense a.k.a. 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms through international subjugation of our Constitution.

Hate is such a strong word... but it is nearly the only one I have left.

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  1. Way to look at things in proper perspective! Making guns illegal won't fix the problem - criminals get their guns illegally, remember? I am concerned about the violence south of the border and how it could affect our nation.