Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last before chore time...

It occurred to me that a prime reason for liberals to get the rest of us to "see things their way" is so that we can keep paying for their way. Nope, I am not very bright. Chew on all that for awhile. ;)

I, for one, believe that with out the us and them thing going on, we would turn on one another soon enough. So, keep on keeping on my liberal brethren.

And again, those of you who are liberal that I know and respect... this really isn't aimed at you... unless you think of yourself in the same light as Pelosi, Reid, Obama... et al... I understand voting against something rather than voting for something else.

I may very well vote Democrat during our next pertinent senatorial elections just to help oust Shelby and Sessions. Between these two, Shelby votes against earmark reform and for Tax Cheat Timothy Geithner AND Sessions votes to confrim Eric Holder. I know that every time we arrive at the polling place anymore, it is a decision between the lesser of two evils. I am so tired of the lesser of two evils.

Last, I am equally tired of the politicians claiming mandates from the public when they win with 51% of the vote, particularly when less than 30% of the population has voted. Shrub (aka George W. Bush) started (or at least perpetuated) this crap when he beat or was elevated (whatever your view point on the subject) over Al Gore.

And really for last this time... You who are not voting and you who are voting how someone told you to vote instead of learning something for your damn self... need to get yourself educated and get involved. I don't really care how you vote. Vote by what you know... NOT by what you have been told. The information is out there.

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