Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Every time...

that I try and get my mind around how to repair ourselves I end up here.

We are all on a downhill slide that at best ends up with people staying in their homes tending their gardens because there is no one to come and evict them; and worst ends up with utter chaos and a pile of charred bodies.

I am the first to dive onto the Constitution and Amendments bandwagon. I believe those documents as worded and without complex or worldly interpretations are the backbone of a grand society. Unfortunately, human nature intervenes all too often. Were it not for people who could not feel good about themselves without telling others how good they are, we might actually stand a chance. But, the world is run by the drama kings and queens, the omnipresent media and those who know better than the rest of us.

I keep hearing ... you know what to do at election time... implying that voting is going to repair it. Yes, I vote every chance I get, I spend the time to learn about what I am going to vote on (and I mean learn about it at the source) and then, I vote my conscience. It makes a little less difference every year. One day, there will be no more elections.

Funny how during the "stolen" elections of 2000 and 2008 the "city"

-- a fast definition here, I have a number of friends and relatives who are democrats that I adore, admire and trust. People like these, who are democrats because they feel that we should take care of our fellow man, do unto others as you would have them do unto you and generally leave things better than you found them while also believing that is unto each of us to make the aforementioned choices ourselves... I term these people "country" democrats. Further, they don't much care for republicans for lots of reasons... and most of them are good reasons. I don't care if you like it or not, these are my thoughts and it is my terminology.

To imagine a "city" democrat, just remove the part about that is unto each of us to make the aforementioned choices ourselves. The "city" democrat believes that we are unable or unwilling to help our fellow man, etc... so, they will do it for us or force us to do it as they see fit. It is the same double standard created when Lincoln freed only the Southern slaves during the Great War of Northern Aggression. Again, I don't care if you like it... go read about it. But, I digress--

democrats perpetually... I mean all the way through 2008... whined about the "stolen" elections. I am not sophisticated or knowledgeable enough to know if these elections were turned on miscounted ballots or not. So, in fact, those elections may well have been stolen... I just do not know.

What I do know is that with all of the shady voting practices (read ACORN et al.) of this last election there should be some outcry about another "stolen" election... but what do I hear... the silence is ... no, not deafening... empty. So, if elections are to be or have been "stolen", these elections are then illegitimate. If that be true, we really haven't had an election in 12 years. Pretty soon we will just give up the facade. Electronic balooting (misspelled on purpose) ought to get us there pretty soon.

So, where does all of this go? Every time that I hear "You know what to do at election time.", I think, yes, I do know what to do. Learn as much as you can, realize that human nature, at its basest, is self-indulgence and ascension over all others... at the expense of others, and then... vote your conscience. This, of course, requires the existence of a conscience... sorry, I can not help with that. Also, not voting is an infantile response... do not go there.

Stop voting how you are told to vote by pretty much everyone. Stop voting about things you know nothing of. Stop voting based on polls. Stop voting against things... start voting for them because you have taken the time to become educated on the topic and vote your conscience. If there is some portion of the thing you are voting on that rubs you wrong... just vote no. Become a proactive voter... not a reactionary voter.

As for the incumbents, this next time around, just vote opposite and maybe we can make them wonder. It would be nice to have their attention for a change. I, personally, am on the verge of voting democrat in the next senatorial election just because I do not approve of how Senator Shelby handled Timothy (tax cheat extraordinaire, now Treasury Secretary) Geithner and I do not approve of how Senator Sessions handled Eric (Anti-gun Extremist, now US Attorney General) Holder.

To all of my republican (yes, I am republican) friends: quit chucking bricks at them.
To all of my democrat friends: quit pretending to be hit by bricks that were not thrown.
To all: let us stop being obtuse for the sake of being obtuse. Perhaps, if we just realize our own self-worth and feed on that, we may not have to take from one and give to another. Perhaps, we can regain our conscience and then let each do what they can or will on their own, time and God will take care of the rest.

Then you too can end up here.

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