Friday, March 6, 2009

Various things in short form that I have been meaning to...

rant about but didn't get around to and now don't have the urge to rant... dang it anyway, I loathe a missed opportunity to rant.

Kennedy awarded an honorary knighthood - yeah, I know, I missed it... still frosts my ... I like people a little less every day.

Treasury secretary says tax increases necessary - I have enough unpleasant thoughts about this to fill the Internet... will suffice with this. 1. Why would this ... guy care? He won't pay them anyway. 2. No shit Sherlock, keep spending it like it grows on trees... oh wait, for the Fed, it does grow on trees... err, it is the trees. 3. I still don't know how a tax cheat becomes the Treasury Secretary.

Housing plan details which borrowers get help - No matter what we do, no matter how much we fuss & no matter how much we ignore it... the ones who did / are doing it right will still get screwed in the end.

Gupta withdraws name from surgeon general job - At least this nominee turned down the job for a legitimate reason, he doesn't want to have to take the pay cut associated with the new job... can't blame the guy. As the dollar dives toward zero value, having a guaranteed income is not a bad idea.

The US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis - This has so much information that I don't know what I will do. ;)

For those of us who wondered why we talk GDP instead of GNP - Essentially, Gross Domestic Product is earned by everyone here in the US and Gross National Product is earned by US Citizens wherever they are. Let the difference sink in for a bit... if you didn't already (like back in high school).

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