Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have left this alone...

because this action by a person is unfathomable to me. This action that I am speaking of is the shooting of eleven people including himself in Southern Alabama on Tuesday the 10th of March, 2009. I do not know what sort of disconnect one must have in order to fatally shoot their mother, grandmother, several others (including some reportedly random) and then apparently burn the maternal home as well. God have mercy and grant peaceful rest to all of their souls.

The topic of this writing saddens me tremendously. It is simply futile to search within myself for any answers to this. The only answers that did likely exist died when he ended his own life. Why is it that those who are bent on destruction and wind up ending their own life do not start at the end? Yes, it is a rhetorical question. In the midst of this sadness, I have one simple thing to say and one terrifically simple prayer to offer...

Those of you who are using this event to further your cause. QUIT it. I don't rightly care at this point if your effort is to further obfuscate the issue of climate change, whether or not we require socialized medicine, increase or decrease gun control OR any of a number of other things. QUIT attempting to capitalize on the real tragedy that happens in our world. QUIT trafficking in tragedy... just QUIT it. You bunch of sorry .... individuals. I trust that you people, and you know who you are, will continue to "not waste a good crisis" and will continue "to do the good work through it". Yes Hillary, that was aimed at you and the rest of your sorry "city" democrats.

AND, MSNBC... you should be abjectly ashamed by your effort to engender more fear and distrust of our fellow man with this story... "Ala. gunman was 'just a normal person' - Crime & courts-"

Your point is obvious when the actual quote is read. You excerpted the, just a normal person, comment from a greater comment from someone who knew him in high school and had not seen him since. The actual quote by Josh Smith is "He was just a normal person." You bastards, you left off the, He was, in order to try and scare folks and increase your readership and likely to further your own agendas. I repeat, you bastards.

Most importantly, for all of you who have been tragically touched (or perhaps more appropriately, beaten down) by this person's actions, I pray the Lord grant you strength, serenity and patience. And, may God comfort you in this, your time of need.


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