Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Church of G.O.D. (Gun Owning Disciples)

Kaveman over at Days of our Trailers had a brain wave awhile back and came up with the sporty idea that as religion is constitutionally protected as are the relics unique to said religion, one should be able to form a church, declare firearm(s) as one of the religious relics and thereby make any further attack on personal ownership moot. This church is aptly called the Church of G.O.D. (Gun Owning Disciples) and I am one of them. Actually, I have always been one of them, now it is certifiable.

For the princely sum of $12 sent to Mr. Kaveman, you receive, in turn, a lovely certificate, a wallet card (I modded the back of mine to list the four rules and will laminate it for carrying along with my Concealed Carry Permit) and membership in the church.

Again, I think this is tremendously clever and shall be mounting my certifiable upon the wall directly. You ought to travel over to the link above and read about it from the source.

BTW, for those of you who are curious or just wish to be a pain. I was, am and will ever be Christian. This particular church does not worship firearms nor any of the mayhem that they may cause or be associated with.

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