Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have never been that happy to do laundry before...

Lowe's showed up with the new (again) washer and dryer yesterday. And, by the end of the day, there was zero dirty laundry in the house (not counting what I had on). Items of note...

The new Whirlpool set performed nearly flawlessly. The only exception being the washing machine making an odd noise during the first spin cycle of the second load. Did not repeat after that and works fine.

The delivery team was fantastic in being able to deliver next day (something Sears was unable to pull off), but was a bit late. Oh well, at least it got here. And, since when are delivery people on time?

The washer and dryer were not leveled and secured at the completion of their installation cycle. At least I noticed and corrected prior to starting the laundry cycle and is much more than Sears was able to pull off.

All in all, Lowe's just earned every dime of my future business that Sears would have gotten and that Lowe's can satisfy.

Now, I just have to hope that Sears customer service was correct in saying that the full purchase price will be credited to my card in 7 to 10 days. I suspect that they will try to ding me with a restocking fee and I reckon at that point I will contact the chamber of commerce, the better business bureau, the state's attorney office and anyone else who might listen to me fuss.

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