Thursday, April 2, 2009

For the National Buy A Gun Day,

having been pimped by Jay over at MArooned who has been hinting around at Buy a Gun Day, I have been giving this some careful thought and the short list looked like this (the long list looked like everything on the floor at Simmons)...

Pocket Smith in .357
Remington 870 Marine Magnum in 12 ga
Thompson Center in .50 Muzzle Loader
Ruger Mk III in .22 LR

The only one of these that I don't already have common ammunition for would be the pocket Smith. And, then, the list still looked like this until this afternoon. Yeah, decided to ride by Simmons during the lunch break.

I reckon I have found mine. There was made, a very attractive offer (known as the offer you cannot refuse) today on one that has exactly 10 rounds put through it. :) As I already own a Bushmaster in .223 and have a Leupold VX-III needing a home, this one will already have a full feed bin to graze from and a right stylish chapeau waiting on it. ;)

Also, seriously considering a bipod for this... any thoughts, please drop me a line... it has been ages since I have looked at bipods and there appears to be... a pile to choose from.


  1. Really good choice. Those are fien guns.


  2. James,

    Thanks and appreciate the assist in bipod searching. There really is a lot more to choose from than say 7 - 8 years ago when I last looked.

  3. I use a Harris bipod on my 700. Wouldn't use anything else.

  4. I may be showing off my ignorance here...but... what happened on April 15th? Wikipedia yields some interesting results, but none that could be relevant to gunowners.

    My list is also pretty long... somewhere near the top is a Glock 21, and an S&W 357. Have you looked at the model 327? I saw a review of that gun by Massad Ayoob once and I was sold.

    As to bipods, I'm no expert but I hear that Harris makes some really good ones.

  5. Alan - appreciate it... Harris is what I have been closing on. What length extension, I am looking at the 9" - 12" for prone or bench shooting, do you have on yours?

    Stephen - buy a gun day is, in my humble opinion, an interesting response to tax day. ;) I have looked at a pile of Smiths and I about bit on one yesterday.