Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More on the illegal guns post from earlier...

I have had this thought ruminating about my skull for the last few days and every time that I am on here... I have other things running.

We keep hearing about the firearms that are confiscated at Mexican crime scenes that originate in the US. Why do we not keep hearing about the "imported" criminals we keep rounding up at US crime scenes? Which, incidentally, is anywhere that they are rounded up... being illegal and all. I mean really, how is it that inanimate objects controlled by mammals become more of a story than mammals controlling inanimate objects? Yes dear, that is also a rhetorical question.

This whole line of thought begs the question... who/what is in charge? Is it the humanoid behind the gun or the gun in front of the humanoid? IMHO... Larry the Cable Guy says it best. If Smith & Wesson et al. can be sued for the deaths caused by their firearms, then Hustler magazine can be sued for my wrist developing carpal tunnel syndrome and my pencil manufacturer can be sued for me misspelling werdz.

So again I say... they are mad about firearms flowing South. Good. I am mad about undocumented, illegal, law-breaking (department of redundancy department) migrants flowing North. How about we all work together to stop the bi-directional flow of things/objects/persons that chap our @sses?

Sounds like a viable "fence" is needed on both our parts. How about DHS work out a plan with the .mx to build two independent and secure nations that do not revolve around removing people's rights... instead of profiling those whom they should hope would be on their side?

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