Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Got here from a link to another...

post from Kellene over at Women of Caliber that links over to Hsoi... Therein lay a youtube of Metallica which got me back on the path to...

Rammstein... True the first song I heard from them was Du Hast... and my German is too slow to keep up, but I got the concept. And, I think it is funny. Also true that this lies a bit afield from my current standard listening habits, but is fun to cross over (to the past) once in awhile.

Or... from Linkin Park

Or... throw some KORN in the way

Or... from Iron Maiden

"Ozzie and Randy had something to say too"

And then back around to... Metallica

"Don't overlook the Idol..."

"Before that there was..."

"But it started somewhere around here... AC\DC

"No Matter what... David...

But one of the prettiest songs ever is here...

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  1. Howdy Brother Dan, I smiled ear to ear when I noticed the "We're all living in America" video link.

    I had sent this out to several close "internet friends" on June 26th, 2008, just minutes after the SCOTUS Heller ruling was announced.

    Love it.