Monday, March 30, 2009

And the Response from Sears is...

Well first, my answer to their response. It will now be a FROSTY day in the netherworld before I even consider spending my time and/or money with these ...individuals.

To preserve any anonymity that I may have left, I have redacted my name from the following, suffice it to say that they misspelled my name from the e-mail that I sent to them.

Here is what Sears had to say...

Thank you for contacting We are very sorry that you was treated in this manner by We do apologize for this treatment.
We do appreciate you being a Sears customer, and again sorry for this matter.

Look for Great Ideas throughout the store and find Sears exclusive innovations from great brands like Sony, Kenmore, NordicTrack, Craftsman and Reebok.

Shop now to pick up great products for the season.
Associate name redacted by me
Sears Customer Care

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