Friday, March 6, 2009

Earmark Reform

Again... Earmark Reform as told by Sebastian over at Snowflakes in Hell. Normally, I would not pay a lot of attention to politicians trying to police themselves, cut spending or do the right thing as any of those activities by a politician would merely be a sham. BUT, our Beloved Senator Shelby - US Senator from Alabama is one of the Republicans who thought that earmark reform would be bad. But then Mr. Shelby voted to confirm Timothy Geithner (I'll pay my taxes if you let me be Treasury Secretary) as well.

He keeps it up and I will vote Democrat next time around. I mean, if I have to deal with it, I might as well have the real thing Baby.

In all fairness, Mr. Sessions voted to confirm Eric Holder, which is potentially worse. On one hand you have financial thievery. On the other, you have God-given rights thievery. I can feel myself turning Democrat as I write this. Guess I had best quit it...

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