Friday, March 13, 2009

Golly, the Fear MUST be Curtailed...

Even my uneducated donkey knew this last year when the all-knowing media couldn't just hush.

The little gem linked above is an MSNBC story telling us that we need to quit being skeered and get back to living.

The only quote that is needed from the story is this...

"That's how the president's top economic adviser Larry Summers on Friday described the burden of worries about the shrinking jobs market, rising foreclosures and falling wages afflicting Americans. The cycle of fear must be broken, he said, before the recovery can begin." -- 'Excess of fear' must be stopped, Summers says - MSNBC dot com story from Friday, 13 March 2009 - MSNBC news services (my personal mini-rant: amazing how no one has to put their name on the story).

...the rest of this story will likely just aggravate.

I vividly recall last August (2008) discussing this topic with a good friend. Our conversation boiled down to this... the media needs to quit scaring people and this financial crisis will begin to mend itself.

But, more important to the "city" democrats was an opportune tragedy / crisis to capitalize on. They got what they wanted... an utter boob at the head of US government.

I have grown beyond weary of the puppeteer. My advice to all politicians, attorneys and activist judges... leave us alone, we will get it fixed without the governmental intervention. Y'all have already done more than enough damage.

Lastly, when you take credit for fixing what you broke, there are a number of us who will know just how full of yourselves you are. Best advice for you to take after that... see the immediately previous...

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