Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Judiciary Committe of Alabama's House of Representatives - 2009

The following people are on the Alabama House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. Take a moment and let them know what you think of SB296. I think that during a state of emergency, you probably want a calm, collected and armed population.

This appears to be the Senate version of HB225 - Seizure of Firearms During Emergencies... One would think that since HB225 has already passed the House, this one should have a pretty good chance at passage.

Members of the Judiciary Committee of the Alabama State House of Representatives

Marcel Black, Chair - (D) 3rd District - Colbert County

Charles O. Newton, Vice Chair - (D) 90th District - Butler, Conecuh & Crenshaw Counties

Stephen A. McMillan, Ranking Minority Member - (R) 95th District - Baldwin County

Spencer Collier - (R) 105th District - Mobile County

Paul DeMarco - (R) 46th District - Jefferson County

Priscilla Dunn - (D) 56th District - Jefferson County

Christopher John England - (D) 70th District - Tuscaloosa County

Laura Hall - (D) 19th District - Madison County

Tammy Irons - (D) 1st District - Lauderdale County

Jamie Ison - (R) 101st District - Mobile County

Marc Keahey - (D) 65th District - Choctaw, Clarke & Washington Counties

John Robinson - (D) 23rd District - Jackson County

Yusuf Salaam - (D) 67th Distict - Dallas County

Howard Sanderford - (R) 20th District - Madison County

Cam Ward - (R) 49th District - Bibb & Shelby Counties

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