Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Speaking of Marginalized

Remember when receiving a Nobel prize or being a Nobel laureate meant something good? With the decision to include Al Gore amongst other such notable Peace Prize Laureates, the august members of the Nobel Prize Awarders have made this and all other prize winners of little or no importance. Of course, with review of past Peace Prize Laureates, it has been a sham for quite some time now.

So, you might ask, what caused this latest, and largely unrelated to anything else on this blog, rant? I finished reading my most recent edition (March 2009) of the American Legion Magazine and on page 52 is (as written) "Advice from Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Nobel Laureate in Physics". AND, I thought to myself, so what... Nobel Laureate. If Al Gore is a Nobel Laureate, so what if this cat is? What does it mean, when all you have to do to be recognized is to run about the globe blabbing about your largely unsubstantiated views?

Sad that it used to or was supposed to mean something good to be a Nobel Laureate. Even sadder still is that there is a whole world full of those who say it still does.

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