Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MArooned: It Cometh...

MArooned: It Cometh...

Jay has a bit of discussion about National Buy a Gun Day a.k.a. Tax Day - April 15.

Thankfully I live in the middle of Alabama and we have no silly laws like MA, CA or DC. So, my list of potentials is a little more like this...

Remington Pump - 12 ga magnum marine if I can find one. Because a Saiga-12 is not a pump.

Taurus Judge - 3" 412 chambering in Titanium if I can find one. Because it is odd and I am odd... And, .45 LC in that small of frame might be fun to shoot.

Various Manufacture - Pocket snub in .357 for those few days when an overgarment just doesn't work. Read, can not conceal the PX4 subcompact or XD 45.

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