Monday, March 2, 2009

Armed Response by David Kenik

Follows is my take on the book Armed Response: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Self-Defense written by David Kenik with foreword by Massad Ayoob, ISBN 0-936783-45-1.

I am and have been a concealed carry permit holder since moving to Alabama in 2002. Prior to that, I held a carry permit in South Dakota, and prior to that I was active duty Infantry. But, there were many years between South Dakota and Alabama and I did not hold a permit and actually, did not own a handgun. For the longest time after moving to Alabama, although I held a permit, I did not carry. Lately, I have begun to carry again, simply to get used to it again. I generally don't frequent areas that one would expect to need to defend oneself, but as the world spins out of control... there is absolutely no sense in being unprepared. So, after rearming myself, I set myself on the path to New World Order enlightenment. And, by New World Order, I mean post Bush-the-elder. This book and various other media are the beginning to my enlightenment.

Overall, this little (about 180 pages in a roughly 6" X 9" platform) book covers the topic of lethal force encounters with a firearm in relatively broad strokes, as should any 180 page "Comprehensive Guide" to anything. The only thing that I found to truly disagree with in the whole book comes from page 128 with dude hidden behind the front-end of an Audi and proclaiming that autos make great cover because the engine block is impenetrable to most fire. True, the engine block is pretty stout. That is the only thing that is pretty stout, except maybe the transmission, frame and brake drums -- all noncontinuous in form. Doors, trunks, pickup boxes, space above and below the engine block are all easily penetrated by most ammunition. And, the cover provided is unidirectional -- meaning that if you have adversaries in two planes, you need to seek better cover. Don't get me wrong, if it is all you have handy, make the best of it.

With that little tirade out of the way, I will say that the rest of this book makes a great deal of sense, is presented in an orderly and relatively sequential fashion and makes a great introduction to any number of topics for further reading and discussion.

In an effort to not just repeat that Table of Contents, I will summarize as follows...

Chapters 1 through 9: Things to know, understand and be comfortable with prior to picking up a firearm.

Chapters 10 through 15: Firearm choices, issues and general information.

Chapters 16 through 21: How to carry, how to maintain comfort and how to present.

Chapters 22 through 25: Choosing your ammunition and firearm AND becoming competent with them.

Chapters 26 through 27: What to do and not do during confrontation and ways to deal with the after confrontation.

Chapters 28 through 31: Firearm storage, secondary safety tools, general good information about gun fights and gun control.

Resources and Endnotes: Good places to go looking for things mentioned throughout the book and reference materials for further study.

All in all, I highly recommend this as introductory materials for beginning or re-beginning firearm enthusiasts and those who just wish to be prepared.


  1. Very interesting! I'll have to check this one out.

    BTW, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog! Whenever I need to know about gun legislation in AL, or my friends need to know, I visit your site.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Stephen,

    Appreciate it ;) But, the ALISON database makes it real easy.