Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alabama House Bill 302 & Senate Bill 124 - Hospital Reporting of Gunshot & Stab Wounds

This bill is in the Health Committee (of both House & Senate) and is pending committee action in the House of origin in the House & has been read for the second time in the House of origin in the Senate. From the ALISON Database you expand the Bills drop down, then expand the Search drop down and then select Keyword and enter HB302 (no spaces between HB and 302) OR SB124 (no spaces between the SB and 124). From the synopsis,they both pretty much go as follows...

Under existing law, except under limited circumstances, health care providers in this state may not initiate reports to law enforcement of gunshot wounds and stabbings suffered by a patient without appropriate written authorization from the patient.
This bill would mandate reporting by health care providers under state law. Reporting under this act would supersede any privilege under state law, including the doctor/patient privilege.

In the House, this bill has been introduced by Representative Billy Beasley (D) representing Barbour, Bullock & Russell counties. Listed as co-sponsors are Alan Harper (D) - Pickens & Tuscaloosa counties, William E. Thigpen, Sr. (D) - Fayette, Lamar & Tuscaloosa counties, Dr. Robert Bentley (R) - Tuscaloosa county, Benjamin Lewis (R) - Houston county, Lesley Vance (D) - Lee & Russell counties and Ronald G. Johnson (R) - Coosa & Talladega counties.

In the Senate, this bill has been introduced by Senator Larry Means (D) representing Cherokee & Etowah counties.

This seems like something that should already be required. My only question is... Does self-inflicted count as a violent crime? Just because you know its going to come up.

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