Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alabama Senate Bill 310 - Concealed Carry on Campus

This bill is in the Governmental Affairs Committee and is pending committee action in the House of origin. From the ALISON Database you expand the Bills drop down, then expand the Search drop down and then select Keyword and enter SB310 (no spaces between SB and 310). From the synopsis, Senate Bill 310 goes as follows...

This bill would prohibit a state-supported college or university from adopting a policy prohibiting a person employed as a professor at the college or university from carrying a firearm on campus if the professor has any required license.

This bill has been introduced by Senator Henry E. "Hank" Erwin, Jr. (R) representing Bibb, Chilton, Jefferson & Shelby counties. Thank you Mr. Erwin.

On a side note, I personally support the right to carry on campus for anyone who has the valid permit and is not incapacitated in some fashion (e.g. intoxicated). But, this seems to be decent attempt at a compromise between anyone with a permit and no one at all. I can get behind this kind of compromise.

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