Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why do they think that we should?

When I am putting the miles on in the afternoon (and, frankly, in the morning as well), I generally have the tube set to ESPN and usually end up with Around the Horn, PTI and / or Sportscenter. So, today I am breathing heavy, sweating and tuned in to PTI and while Mr. Kornheiser and Mr. Wilbon are debating whether or not Bud Selig should be getting 18 million dollars per year in compensation from Major League Baseball, Mr. Kornheiser utters something very similar to the following... No, he should have to give some part of that back to keep people in his organization from losing their jobs. In this economy we must all pull together behind the new administration, and pitch in whatever we must to help out.

Now, I am not against a person taking a pay cut in order to keep others employed. This is not what I am perturbed by... My "you must be joking" nerve got twinged when he flat out said, not implied but stated, that we all need to get behind the new administration. Afraid you wouldn't hear that if Mr. McCain were the one elected to hang out with celebrities rather than Medal of Honor winners on inauguration night.

And actually, I am not even necessarily against getting behind the new administration. One of my dearest mentors passed the following on to me what seems like a very long time ago... Anything is possible as long as it does not matter who gets the credit. And, it is one of the truths that I strive to live by. But, having said all of that, I have a real problem getting behind those who had a direct hand in causing our current dilemma and will never admit to their own culpability.

Off topic, but relevant... noticed during a commercial break that the Michael Phelps kissing the bong story is now being referred (not reefered) to as his pipe smoking incident. The spin is on baby.

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