Monday, February 23, 2009

The best laid plans...

I had really planned to get to a few items of interest on Saturday so that I could hit the range Sunday afternoon. Nothing quite like plans gone awry. Saturday was blown on tires and Sunday was blown on the washer and dryer. So... for all of you lucky enough (snerk) to check on this stuff, here are a couple of the interesting items from last week...

U.S. troops "stalemated" in Afghanistan - This is an AP story picked up by MSNBC talking about troop levels and requests in Afghanistan. While I have a multitude of opinions about this engagement, I will keep them to myself. What I am having trouble with is how Big Daddy O plans to decrease our military budget yet maintain a viable force in the field. I keep hearing about troop drawdowns, but as other needs escalate... I think you see where this is going.

LaHood's talk of mileage tax nixed - This is another AP story picked up by MSNBC. This one was talking about $0.025 per mile driven tax being applied to us wage-earning, tax-paying mules that continue to keep our collective governements afloat. Now it is, of course, saying how this will not be a policy of the Big Daddy O administration... no shit Sherlock. By the way LaHood is a half-wit for thinking that taxing miles driven is unhinged from taxing gas purchased. And, I am pretty sure this puts the brakes on someone wanting to be frugal and buying a grass-munching Prius. Reckon I might investigate an old school hay burner (read horse) first.

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