Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stimulus Excess & Genetically Engineered Critters

Image from Chemical Engineering & News, 26 January 2009, p.9, News of the Week - Stimulating Science with More R&D Funds by Rochelle Bohaty.

So, buried in HR 1 - The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 are all of these funds as well. Obviously, academic spending is important. It is particularly important in areas that increase our self-sufficiency. But, if this funding is to be aimed at things such as cow flatulence and the accompanying greenhouse gas legislation to tax ranchers based on the size of their herd, then it must be eliminated from consideration. In this case, specifically the $400,000,000 for climate change research. The only thing happening here is the subsidization of those who cannot productively enter society after graduation. If they are to pile up increasing institutional debt, then let them continue on their postdoctoral path in a more useful fashion. Say, design of modular concrete structures that would suit modern urban conditions... or some such.

Direct quote from Chemical Engineering & News, 26 January 2009, p.25, Government & Policy - Engineered Animals by Britt E. Erickson, C&EN Washington.

"A Drug that is produced in the milk of a genetically engineered (GE) goat for treating a rare blood disorder is on the verge of approval in the U.S. Although the goat is not supposed to enter the food supply, if the drug gets the green light next month as expected, it could set the stage for the approval of other GE animals, regardless of their intended use."

This just reinforces that we really need to "know" where all of the things that we interact with everyday come from. I do like how the goat is not supposed to enter the food supply. I can hardly wait until people find out they have been consuming genetically engineered meat. Never mind that we have been consuming genetically engineered vegetation for years.

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