Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alabama Senate Bill 407 - Storage of Firearms in a Motor Vehicle

This bill is in the Judiciary Committee pending committee action. From the ALISON Database you expand the Bills drop down, then expand the Search drop down and then select Keyword and enter SB407 (no spaces between SB and 407). From the synopsis, Senate Bill 407 goes as follows...

This bill would prohibit a person or employer from establishing any policy that restricts the right of any other person who lawfully possesses or stores a firearm in his or her motor vehicle from parking a motor vehicle in a parking facility while he or she lawfully possesses the firearm and would make a violation a Class A misdemeanor. The bill would also provide for civil remedies.

This bill has been introduced by Senator Roger H. Bedford, Jr. (D) representing Colbert, Fayette, Franklin, Lamar, Lawrence, Marion and Winston counties. Thank you Mr. Bedford.

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