Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where are they going to get the money when people quit?

So, we have already pushed through the first idiot tax hike. This is to be a $0.62 per pack increase of the federal excise tax placed on cigarettes. It is aimed at funding the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) with an additional 32.8 BILLION dollars through 30  September 2013. This bill (HR 2) is to take effect on 01 April 2009.

It is estimated that 7 million children are already on this program and that the additional funds will make this program available to another 4 million uninsured children. The question is, will it be enough cash to cover these children? The short answer is... probably not.

Just as a bit of additional information, I submit the following. Prior to the global meltdown created by insatiable greed and politicians with agendas, my employer had a very robust Blue Cross / Blue Shield plan that was fully funded by the corporation that cost around $1,000 per month for each employee with a family plan. That was insurance for their entire family provided by BCBS and paid for by my employer. One would hope that when you are bargaining for millions of people for insurance, that you might get a better price than from a company with less than 100 employees.

Question 1: Where does the money come from when more children than expected are enrolled? Question 2: Where does the money come from when more people quit smoking? Question 3: How many of the people whose children are enrolled smoke? And, can we subsidize their smoking habit also? Question 4 (rhetorical): How do we remove these dolts from office? Question 5 (also rhetorical): Will we ever learn that Government control seldom leads to a solution, meaning that it should rarely be the final answer?

Last Question: Will we survive the overall massive income redistribution? They have two years, during which we who have the income to redistribute have no opportunity to unseat them, to deliver us into the Socialist State they seek.

Last Statement: I believe that Government should intervene in such things as national defense, national infrastructure, and yes, even national health care as the last bastion of hope... but NOT as the first trough for those INDIVIDUALS who would no more help themselves up than roll over to avoid drowning at the feeder.

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