Sunday, February 1, 2009

And not a day passes by...

And here I thought that this would be an uncomplicated day... for the most part, it will be. Listening to "Meet the Press" this morning (certainly not something I would normally do, but that is where the tv landed just prior to breakfast) I heard our illustrious John Kerry make a statement that, to me, is ludicrous. He mentions a statistic regarding lost productivity that helps to justify the infrastructure spending that is being sought in the current "economic stimulus". Allow me to paint a different picture.

The time that people spend on the road going to and from work is generally not counted by their employer as time on the job... and therefore not paid, ergo, not productive... but is rather time taken away from home and family. So, how is it possible that time spent in slow traffic directly effects productivity? My position is that it does not, but it certainly could indirectly effect productivity through poor attitudes, tardiness and the general malaise felt by those who must endure that drive on a daily basis. This indirect effect, in my humble opinion, is nearly impossible to estimate with any acceptable degree of accuracy.

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