Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sent to Senators Sessions & Shelby Today.

I did not realize that the Senate was at it right now (07 February 2009, 11:00 CST) and yes, I am likely too simple and too late anyway.

While the most egregious expenditure of our nation's wealth is about to take place, I am left wondering why should we go along with it. Please allow me to explain my position here. I am flatly stating that when this "stimulus" package is passed and signed, we will have wasted more wealth than most ever thought would be possible. Every time I hear something about this debaucherous plan, I also hear that only about 10 percent of it will be spent in 2009. What, exactly, is this thing stimulating? At 1400+ pages, how is it possible that any one person knows what is in this? Moreover, am I in the minority in thinking that we have elected a petulant ... child to be the "leader" of the free world? My GOD, have you seen the body language that this guy uses to drive his point? Anyway, getting off the soapbox and back on track...

I am tired of hearing about how the federal government is the only entity that is large enough to drag us out of this. I have an idea; the federal government is not large enough to fix it, although certainly large enough to help cause it. However, we the people are the only ones large enough to fix this, when we are done whining, we will figure it out. If everyone would just remember that successful society is built on everyone doing something that they are good at... or at least, doing something that is not deleterious to the greater good, we can drag our own selves back from the edge of this pit. Yes, we are at the edge of the pit, not yet free falling in it... no matter what anyone tells you right now. Also, I really think that the message to America need not be one of fear... I mean let us quit scaring the people with how bad it could be. Side note here - the Oprah's and the Larry King's of the world needed to shut the hell up last September about how bad it could be. It is a little late now, but not too late to bolster the American Spirit. So, y'all just shut the hell up about things that you know nothing about. Go back to being the clean Jerry Springer.

Equally tiring is the speed and greed with which this thing is being pushed through. For goodness sake, take a minute and think on it. Jobs are being shed at an alarming rate. True, but what kind of jobs are they? Are they robust manufacturing jobs that pay well and produce things? Some, but most, I suspect, are service industry jobs. These very jobs that the inventor of the Internet, Mr. Al Gore, claimed would drive the economy back in the '90s. Service jobs will not be the jobs creating more in the future. We need to be making things. Things like groceries, steel, Aluminum, bricks, computing equipment are what will reestablish the US as the superpower that we once were. Not, would you like fries with that.

This group of pocket liberals is going to sell our soul into debt and tell us how good it is for us. Is it just me, or is this the "New" slavery? If not, then what do you call handing the fruit of your toil to those who did nothing to earn it? They will have no choice but to increase our taxes to pay for this. I can hardly wait. But, the good news for us is, with the next round of pay cuts (and by the way, losing your job is the ultimate pay cut), there won't be near as much to tax. The bad news is that with dwindling income, the percentage tax will be dreadfully increased.

Something needs to be done. True. And, spending money is what needs to be done. Unequivocally True. This money must come from the Government. Patently False. If you allow a free people the chance to better themselves... It will happen. Oh, I forgot, a new majority has risen in this country and they don't want anything to do with freedom. All they want is to maintain, be told what to do, be absolved of any fault or blame and, worst, be told how special they are when they are not. But, those of us who now find ourselves in the minority are more than willing to accept the challenge. Per George S. Patton - General, US Army - "Lead me, follow me or get the Hell out of my way." Please, go back to setting the federal budget and doing the important work that you already have to do and let us, have at it with as little of your "help" as we actually need. 

So, I arrive at this point... finally... say no to HR 1 and its ilk. Let us fix this the way that we always have... on our own.

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