Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alabama House Bill 362 - Storage of Firearms in a Motor Vehicle

This bill is in the Commerce Committee pending committee action. From the ALISON Database you expand the Bills drop down, then expand the Search drop down and then select Keyword and enter HB362 (no spaces between HB and 362). From the synopsis, House Bill 362 goes as follows...

This bill would prohibit a person or employer from establishing any policy that restricts the right of any other person who lawfully possesses or stores a firearm in his or her motor vehicle from parking a motor vehicle in a parking facility while he or she lawfully possesses the firearm and would make a violation a Class A misdemeanor. The bill would also provide for civil remedies.

This bill has been introduced by Representative Craig Ford (D) representing Etowah county. Thank you Mr. Ford.


  1. This is an absolutely critical bill that needs to pass. Currently a business has the power to strip you of your right to self protection to and from your place of employment by making it an offense that could end in your termination to have a firearm locked in your car in the business' parking lot. As a person who has been permitted to carry and who has been given the right to keep and bear arms by the US Constitution, it is imperative that I am able to exercise my right without infringement. Thanks.

  2. I was tring to find out if this passed or not. It was to be heard on April 8, if I am not mistaken. Do you know the outcome?

  3. HB362 has been read twice and is due to come back up for discussion on 16 April 2009 in the Alabama House.

    I went from daily updates to as they go on Alabama Legislature progress when I figured out (I am a bit slow) that they are not in session every day. Also, I now post what (of the bills that I follow) is on the calendar for the next legislative day. These can generally be found near the head of the blog.